MLK – Day 19

SPIN 55 Minutes (17 miles)

I love my Monday morning Spin and I love my instructor even more. She is hardcore and actually told me to put my water bottle down when I was trying to take a break. She is exactly what I need to start my week. The best part of today was getting to come home after Spin, take a shower at my apartment (I hate showering at the gym), and falling back asleep while watching Regis and Kelly. Fantastic day off!!

Breakfast: 1 banana (on my way to Spin, I woke up STARVING), 2 cups coffee, cereal with another banana (fruit obsession of the month)
Snack: 4 mini blueberry muffins
Lunch: 1/2 cup of vanilla yogurt with dark chocolate chips, banana smoothie (thats three total bananas for the day)
Dinner: Poppyseed chicken!!! YUM!!! with potatoes and green beans.


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Adding a new challenge

Day 16:
No workout, Date Night 🙂

Day 17:
Workout: 5K outside
My goal today was a 5K and to be able to run the first 1.5 miles without having to stop. To my surprise I knocked out the first 2 miles, walked a half, and then finished the 5K running. I felt fantastic. I am finally starting to see some endurance improvement. It’s about time!

Day 18:
Jillian’s 30 Day Shred
1 mile outside

I am running around 3 days a week and doing one Spin morning. I would like to be working out at least 5 days a week. Thursdays and Fridays are the worst! The last two weeks I have come home from worked and passed out on the couch on those days. SO I am giving myself a new challenge to help. Beginning today, I am going to do 5 days a week of Jillian’s 30 Day Shred for a total of 5 weeks (which really ends up being a 25 day challenge, not a 30). The DVD is only 25 minutes of intense strength training, cardio, and abs. The first time I did this DVD 2 years ago I ended up on the bathroom floor. I didnt end up throwing up but felt sick for the rest of the day. During today’s workout sweat was pouring from all over, but I didn’t end up on the floor. It’s only 25 minutes and I can do it in the comfort of my apartment, so…no excuses.

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Feeling Yuck

Day 15: No Workout

Last night on my way to “book club”, aka – dinner and chat club, I felt it coming on; the sore throat, the aches in my body and congestion. Sure enough when I woke up this morning a full blown sinus infection had come for a little visit. This morning I attended a workshop and by the afternoon I was miserable. I came home and jumped straight into my pjs and fell asleep on the couch watching Oprah (which was not a re-run, clear sign I really am feeling crappy to fall asleep during Oprah). Luckily I have a husband who went out to get me medicine, chicken noodle soup, and made me a bowl of ice cream before bed. I did not get my run in today which makes me feel even worse. Which means I have to fit it in tomorrow or increase my miles for Saturday.

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Spinning Wednesday

Day 14
Workout: Spin 55 minutes (15.5 miles)

This morning my alarm went off at 4:30 and I was out of bed by 4:34. I woke up once an hour last night because I was so worried about not waking up at 4:30. I am pretty sure that going to a spin class at 5:15 is one of the greatest things I have ever done in my life. For someone who loves to sleep and is not a morning person, this is huge. Unfortunately, my spin teacher was not the greatest. I actually thought about leaving after the first 10 minutes and getting on a treadmill instead. I decided to stick with it and the girl did get me to 15.5 miles on the bike and I sweat my butt off the whole time. She just wasn’t as motivating as the crazy I had last Monday. When it comes down to it, I guess I just prefer crazy. I was at school 5 minutes early even though I was so stressed out about getting ready at the gym and making it in time (especially when I realized I had not packed a towel for the shower….that was interesting). I will most likely be in bed by 8 tonight. I’ll be praying for a snow day…

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Treadmill Woes

Day 13
Workout: 2 miles on treadmill

After school today I drove home and put on my workout gear immediately. I didn’t even turn on Oprah to see if it was a rerun or not. This morning I awoke to the disappointing news that my school district was the only one in the area NOT cancelled due to the snow we got last night. The only thing that took away my bitterness was when my principal walked into my room first period this morning with fresh brewed coffee for me. 🙂 I love her. So I knew all day long, I wouldn’t be able to run outside, it was WAY too cold which meant I had to get on the dreaded treadmill. I HATE running on a treadmill. Hate is a strong word and I mean it with every letter. I would much rather be outside than running in place on a boring machine. I promised myself 1 mile and ended up doing 2. This is a reminder that yes, I am still at the beginning of this journey (just read a blog from a girl who ran 20 today…) but also a reminder that I am building up mentally. After one mile I knew I could go further and even though I knew I had to cook dinner, watch Biggest Loser, and get to bed super early (waking up for Spin at 4:30 tomorrow), I still did it. It’s these small victories along the way that keep me going.

Tomorrow morning is my second day this month going to spin. I am aiming for once a week. 4:30 comes so soon..

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Teaching with ZHUZH – Sticky Vocabulary

2 Ways to teach new vocabulary that make the words stick to the brain:

It seems that with the mile-long list of standards I have to crunch in each quarter, vocabulary often gets the back seat. One of my personal teaching goals for the year is to include more vocabulary instruction, instead of randomly throwing words and definitions at them.
Research from Teaching Vocabulary to Improve Comprehension recognizes the regression in tests scores due to teachers teaching vocabulary by:

1. Writing the word several times
2. find the definition
3. Use the word in a sentence

I remember doing these three in school myself. The research must be right because I don’t remember the words.

Two things that have helped make vocabulary words “sticky” for students (they stick to the brain and the kids actually remember what they mean and how to use them) are: Relevance and Relationships.

Relavance: Students have to connect the word to something that they alreay know. Students have to be able to put the word in a folder of their brian that already exists. This way its not floating around without a home.

Relationships: The brain must be able to see a pattern. As learners, we crave patterns. When students see the relationship of a word to another it becomes sticky.

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During the winter months I become somewhat obsessed with the weather channel. A possibility of snow sends me right into crazy mode: checking local weather blogs, comparing different weather station predictions, texting/chatting with other teachers to compare our “instincts”, watching the news at both 5pm, 6pm and 10pm….then again in the morning…just in case. One of the GREAT things about my job is that when it snows no one wants those precious children on the roads SO, I don’t have to go to work!

Yesterday at 5:46 they cancelled school! I was on my second cup of coffee and sprinted from the couch into the bedroom to share the news with my huzb. Turning on the light and skipping to the bed shouting sharing my news may not have been the best way to inform my sleeping spouce, but he quickly got over it since it meant he got to spend the whole day with ME!

Perfect day to get in a good long run, right? Wrong. I ended up sitting on the couch, reading blogs, starting a new TV series, grocery shopping and taking a bath. I honestly feel pretty bad about not going. I HATE running on a tredmill and with the snow/ice I couldnt even dream of running outside. Excuses are so easy for me. I need to get over it and get back on the tredmill, this will certainly not be the last snow day.

I also had FULL intentions of attending Spin for the second time today but like school, the gym was closed. BUT I am going to tomorrow morning’s class instead. I’m trying, I’m trying, I’m trying! Early night tonight, my alarm is set for 4:30 am. YIKES!

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