The things they say…

Two GREAT “things they say” happened today. I LOVE this stuff!

1. Student walks up to me in the cafeteria before school starts and he says:

“Mrs. Fancy!! I wasnt supposed to finish my Lit. Study book last night but I HAD to!! Don’t be mad! At the end I cried and then ran and told my little brother he HAS to read it.”

What book?

2. Just got this email for a parent…


Mrs. Fancy,
Just want to say that I hope you have a merry Christmas and hope you have a restful break!  Also thought I’d share with you something funny Adam said–what he REALLY wanted to give you for Christmas was “something Harry Potter, like a hand-carved Hermoine Granger wand would be good.”  haha, was hard for me to keep a straight face because he was very serious about it!



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