Back in my sneakers with Katy

Workout: 2 miles
Time: unimportant

Its been awhile since I have gotten out there to run. Today my goal was to get out and complete only one mile. Laughable, right? I know for many this seems like a meaningless amount of run time but for me its not. I have read some bloggers who do not even count their 1-2 mile runs into their weekly mile count. Uhh..that is absurd. I celebrate each and every mile and today I celebrated every step of that first mile back in my sneakers.

I actually ran a little over a mile and finished by walking the rest of the second. I felt like my body was thanking me the whole time. It just felt good. I am ready to get back out there for good and start challenging my body again. Tomorrows goal = another two miles. I have no problem starting out slow.

My favorite run song for today? Katy Perry’s, Firework

I typed out the lyrics to this song and I’m adding it into my “New Year, New Student” lesson plan for the 6th graders. The lyrics are perfect for some figurative language reinforcement. I’m also hoping it can inspire some new trends for the year. It’s a great song and I can’t help but share with my 11 year olds!


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