Day 2 Burns

Workout: 2.08 Miles
Time: unimportant

The weather today was perfect for running. Even though it stormed all last night (a tornado hit about an hour from us) I woke up to a sunny beautiful 60 degree day. This weather is giving me the extra boost I need right now to get out there and run. Although the weather was phenomenal, the run was painful. My calfs were burning the whole time and I was dying to finish that first mile. I ran one and then used the second mile to loosen up my muscles by walking at a fast pace and then running short distances. It’s so frustrating to not be able to do more. My mind is ahead of my legs and although my body remembers how to run, getting it back in shape is proving to be a challenge. But I am only on Day 2. I am preparing for a Freezing 4 Mile at the local University in early March and a 10K the weekend after that. I am hoping to be at a steady 5K by mid February.

Favorite run song for the day:

I played Kevin Rudolf’s, Let it Rock during the last few minutes of that first mile. This is one of my favorite songs to run to and has been on my playlist forever.

Today’s weather will not last and I am worried that with outside cooling down I won’t get out and run as much as I need to. I’ve decided to add a new element to my fitness regimen. SPIN. I have gone to a few spin classes (maybe three in my life) and I am attempting to put it back in my routine.


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