Day 4 Run

I took day three to walk. My calfs are so tight even though I have tried stretching. Its frustrating to feel like I want to do more when my body is telling me to slow down. It’s a little pathetic feeling. So I walked and then moved on to day 4.

Day 4 workout: 3.25 miles

I ran the first mile and wanted to cry during the last few steps. My calfs were screaming out in pain, I was actually making some strange noises too. It was painful. For the next 2 miles I ran/walked trying to loosen up my muscles. Overall this gave me 8 miles for the week. A good number for my first week back to running especially considering the lazy/eat whatever I want vacation I have been on.

Favorite Run Song: Taylor Swift CD
I read on another blog that a girl runner ran to these slow/relaxing tracks so I decided to give it a go. It worked for my run/walk miles.


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