And on the 7th day, I rested.

Day 7
Workout: none

Wednesday’s are my 2nd favorite day of the week (Friday, of course is first). Every Wednesday I get together with two of my girlfriends for “Book Club”. We started this group when one of my friends was going through a difficult time in her marriage. We though reading an inspirational book together and meeting up once a week to eat and talk about it would not only help our friend through a challenging time, but also provide some inspiration for all three of us married gals.
Book Club night quickly turned into, “lets just eat and talk”. We ditched the books on the second week.
*Side note, the book we were reading really was excellent. We just got lazy. I had already read it once and I recommend it to anyone.

Even without the book, Wednesdays have become like therapy for me. My two friends also teach, so this is a place I can vent and discuss with people who understand my job and can relate to my woes. All three of us are married teachers in our early 20s, our husbands either teach or are espiring to become a teacher. All three of us went to the same college, grew up in the same kinds of churches, graduated on the same day and are northerners living in the south. With so many similiarities you would think our personailities were the same…..WRONG. What makes this group so special, so dynamtic is how unbelievably different we are from eachother. It keeps things interesting and we really just laugh all Wednesday night long. Our difference in personalities is what makes it work. The refreshing about this group is how I feel like I can be 100% myself with them. Even though we have different ideas on education, religion, marriage, its always what makes our converstiions fun and I never feel like I have to be reserved or hold back. I actually feel like we celebrate our differences by appretiating them.

When you are a teacher (like most jobs) your week is just crazy. It goes by fast and there is never enough time to get it all done. This year us girls promised eachother to reserve Wednesdays for us time. No matter how many papers I have to grade or lessons to get done, on Wednesdays I leave school and drive to “book club”. Sometimes it means leaving the teacher desk a mess and thats okay. This school year I have been so much better about making time for my life that doesn’t involve school. I sleep extra well on Wednesday nights because I feel refreshed from being at “Book Club”. It’s nice to have something in the middle of the week to look forward to. Its also the perfect night to take off from working out!


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