Day 6 – Bittersweet

Workout: 2.55 miles

Today was Day 6 and I have some serious mixed emotions about it. The GREAT part that I am absolutely thrilled about, is I ran today! It was my first day to work a normal day at school and then come home and put on my sneakers. This is a huge accomplishment for me because after a day at school the ONLY thing I want to do is sit on the couch and watch Oprah. But I skipped the O and ran. I feel so accomplished!

The bitter part to Day 6 is the performance. I ran a 1.1 mile without stopping and was in agony. My calves tightened right around the half mile mark and were screaming the rest of the way. After the first mile I actually stopped to try to stretch them out.

I had full intentions of completing 3.1 miles. After 2 miles I knew that wasn’t possible. I can’t even explain the frustration. Thinking back to last year, I could run up to 10 miles without having to stop. Here I am again at ground zero. I finished at 2.55 and tried to do as much stretching afterwards as possible. I am trying to listen to my body more this year and really think about what it needs.

Although I vowed to give up keeping a food diary, I wrote down everything I ate yesterday to see what running would do for my calorie count for the day. I h ad everything figured out and then my sweet husband came home and surprised me with a strawberry cupcake from our FAVORITE cupcake store. I never say no to cupcakes.
I finished the night with cupcakes and hot tea and it was amazing!


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