A New PR

Day 11
Workout: 2.11 Miles

After three days off my Day 11 run went fantastic (considering it was 29 degrees out with strong winds). I bundled up and ran my first mile, finishing with a new PR. I happen to be one of the slowest runners known to man kind and I get pretty hard on myself about it. It can be embarrassing to see new-to-running friends announce their running times when they are half of my best. So, running my mile almost a whole minute faster than last week is a pretty big deal at my house!

Once again I am focusing on endurance rather than time. I may throw in a couple of those sprint runs I hear so much about, but I’m not going to kill myself over minutes and seconds. Although, I will raise my arms up in the air while running by myself when I make a new PR (much like I did today). 🙂


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