Spinning Wednesday

Day 14
Workout: Spin 55 minutes (15.5 miles)

This morning my alarm went off at 4:30 and I was out of bed by 4:34. I woke up once an hour last night because I was so worried about not waking up at 4:30. I am pretty sure that going to a spin class at 5:15 is one of the greatest things I have ever done in my life. For someone who loves to sleep and is not a morning person, this is huge. Unfortunately, my spin teacher was not the greatest. I actually thought about leaving after the first 10 minutes and getting on a treadmill instead. I decided to stick with it and the girl did get me to 15.5 miles on the bike and I sweat my butt off the whole time. She just wasn’t as motivating as the crazy I had last Monday. When it comes down to it, I guess I just prefer crazy. I was at school 5 minutes early even though I was so stressed out about getting ready at the gym and making it in time (especially when I realized I had not packed a towel for the shower….that was interesting). I will most likely be in bed by 8 tonight. I’ll be praying for a snow day…


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