Feeling Yuck

Day 15: No Workout

Last night on my way to “book club”, aka – dinner and chat club, I felt it coming on; the sore throat, the aches in my body and congestion. Sure enough when I woke up this morning a full blown sinus infection had come for a little visit. This morning I attended a workshop and by the afternoon I was miserable. I came home and jumped straight into my pjs and fell asleep on the couch watching Oprah (which was not a re-run, clear sign I really am feeling crappy to fall asleep during Oprah). Luckily I have a husband who went out to get me medicine, chicken noodle soup, and made me a bowl of ice cream before bed. I did not get my run in today which makes me feel even worse. Which means I have to fit it in tomorrow or increase my miles for Saturday.


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