MLK – Day 19

SPIN 55 Minutes (17 miles)

I love my Monday morning Spin and I love my instructor even more. She is hardcore and actually told me to put my water bottle down when I was trying to take a break. She is exactly what I need to start my week. The best part of today was getting to come home after Spin, take a shower at my apartment (I hate showering at the gym), and falling back asleep while watching Regis and Kelly. Fantastic day off!!

Breakfast: 1 banana (on my way to Spin, I woke up STARVING), 2 cups coffee, cereal with another banana (fruit obsession of the month)
Snack: 4 mini blueberry muffins
Lunch: 1/2 cup of vanilla yogurt with dark chocolate chips, banana smoothie (thats three total bananas for the day)
Dinner: Poppyseed chicken!!! YUM!!! with potatoes and green beans.


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