I am a wife, sister, daughter, aunt, teacher and semi-runner. After growing up in Rhode Island I graduating high school moved to the south for college. This was largely due to years of watching Fried Green Tomatoes (all time favorite movie) and having a secret desire to be among the southern. It also had to do with a sweet-little private university that called out to me from the laundry list of state schools. Many thought my decision to attend a private school in Arkansas with a curfew and required chapel attendance every Monday-Friday morning was a crazy one, and they were right because it was a little crazy. But those years gave me the structure I thrived on, the most unique years of my life, friends that are irreplaceable and my husband. 🙂
I received a BA in Education and later returned for a MA in Literacy. During this time I met and fell in love with a sweet souther boy who I was blessed to marry in June 2010.

I am a ridiculously-happily married girl and work as a 6th grade Language Arts teacher. I’m passionate about education and have a deep love for the world of middle school. I love, love my job and a strong believer in literacy being they key for all students.

My struggle with healthy living:

Never in my life did I worry about dieting. Around my sophomore year in college I began to noticed the10 extra pounds that had crept into my life. Around this time, the Atkins diet was on the rise and everyone was cutting carbs. Unfortunately, I joined that bandwagon and began counting and cutting carbs myself. In two week, without working out once, I had lost those ten pounds and slid easily into my size two jeans from High School. It was easy, SO easy. This became a strategy I would use for the next two years: eat whatever I want, and then when it came time to get skinny, go on a carb cutting frenzie. I ate ALL day long. As long as it was low carb, I could eat as much of it as I wanted. I never worked out. I was actually afraid of working out because my energy level was so low (I didn’t mind feeling light headed all day, as long as I could fit into those jeans). After taking almost all of the energy out of my body I woke up one morning to get in the shower. My heart was racing so fast from walking from the bed to the bathroom I almost passed out. I began to evaluate what I was doing to my body and knew I needed to make a change. The change meant I was going to eat carbs again, work out, and live a healthy balanced life. Besides allowing myself carbs, none of rest ever happened. Atkins took weight off very quickly for me but the second I was off it, the weight came back on just as fast. My change only resulting in one thing, I gained weight. Since then I have tried countless diets and gotten into bursts of workout programs that last only a short while. Needless to say, I have never lost the weight that I gained back during college and unfortunately my mind set on weight loss has been altered ever since. The whole idea of eating anything I want so that “later” I can loose all of it (and more) has stuck within me. Even though I have not cut a carb since college, I have certainly fallen into the dieting trap. Right before this last Christmas Vacation I went on yet another diet. I only ate non-processed, natural foods. I lost a pound a week…and cried just about every night. I was absolutely miserable, hungry, and defeated (a pound a week vs 10 pounds in 2 weeks seems unfair). After two weeks on this diet, I began incorporating some new foods. By the end of the weekend I had gained every pound back. I vowed then, I would never go on another diet.

For the first time ever, I have been educating myself on healthy living. Right now, there is no deadline in my life to make for weight loss. I don’t want to “get skinny” for my wedding, a party or a vacation. For the first time I just want to live a healthy life; not be obsessive, not go overboard but be balanced. This is a huge difference in my thought process than any other time in my life. I am learning slowly what that means and what it looks like. Part of this learning process began by reading healthy living blogs by people who have full time jobs (even teachers!), mothers, and people who have encountered some of the same struggles. They have helped me and inspired me in more ways than one and helped me to feel less alone with this inward battle. I am hoping this blog can hold me accountable and allow me to be reflective. My hope is to continue to learn and bring that knowledge into my own classroom of students who sometimes seem just as confused on healthy living as I am.


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