Growing up in New England I tried few sports and took to none of them. My mother was an amazing gymnast growing up, my father an avid golfer and little brother a good-at-anything-he-has-ever-tried kind of guy (not at jealous, just proud!) For some reason, the athletic genes never made their way into my DNA. This never bothered me until 2009 while my husband ( BF at the time) and I become obsessed fans of the show Biggest Loser. Watching 4 finalists (who were all still overweight) run a full marathon, I thought, if THEY can do that, I could do that! I have always secretly been envious of those people you see running on the side of the roads. I decided I would be one of those people.

My sugar love and I signed up for a local 5K and started running. I started by running 60 seconds on the tredmill with out having to stop. I ran my first 5K and (even though it took me over 40 minutes) I loved it and ran 3 more that year, one with my students. In March 2010 I ran my first half marathon and did the first 10 miles without stopping (HUGE for me!). Running has always been about endurance for me and not speed (mostly because I am so slow and try to not let it bother me).

Running gives me a sense of confidence that I haven’t felt before. It felt good to say “I want to do this” and then work really, really hard to do it and finish it.

I believe that kids need to be better informed about their health while they live in an obese society. I want to be an example to them and push them towards a healthier life style.

2011 “Race” Schedule

3/5/2011 Freezing 4Mile
3/12/2011 Victoria Classic 10K
3/19/2011 Hard Corps HeartCoprs 5K or maybe the Half Marathon???
4/2/2011 Running Festival 5K
4/10/2011 Hogeye 5K
4/16/2011 Trailblazer 10K
4/23/2011 TJ Clark Colon Cancer 5K
4/30/2011 Ozark Race for the Cure 5K
5/7/2011 Root Rocket 5K
5/14/2011 Kendrick Finch 5K
5/21/2011 Challenge for Sight 5K
5/28/2011 Wildcat Rumble 5K


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