What is ZHUZH?!

While watching Oprah (one of my heros) she featured one of my favorite fashionistas, Carson Kressley, who introduced me to the word ZHUZH. It’s style, glamour, sparkle and shine, some of my favorite things.

See here: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=zhuzh Anything that pulls in a little sparkle to your outfit is adding “zhuzh”. I started using this term with my students while talking about our writing. We focused on adding some zhuzh into our writing to make it more interesting, to make it SPARKLE! Like me, my 6th graders love anything that sounds strange and is fun to say. Zhuzh has become a big part of our everyday classroom vocabulary. We love it!

I LOVE glamour, or anything that sparkles. Although I don’t walk around in heals and skinny jeans every day, I’d like to.  If I could shop for a living I would. I actually really did try that once, but it ended up being a scam. Teaching happens to be my life and passion so I try my hardest to throw in a little sparkle whenever I can. With technology in constant bloom I try my best to keep things sparkly for my students who have the attention span of gnats on crack. I’ll do and say almost anything to hold on to their attention, adding as much zhuzh into my teaching as I can.


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